Frank Zappa The Lost Episodes CD

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Frank Zappa The Lost Episodes CD

Includes Booklet, Zappa Catalog and CD

CD is in good playable condition

Cd is lightly used may have very minor surface scratches.

Plays with no skips

Songs include:

The black outs, Lost in a Whirlpool, Ronnie Sings?, Kenny's Boogie Story, Ronnie's Boogie Story, Mount St. Mary's Concert Excerpt, Take your clothes off when you dance, Tiger Roach, Run home slow theme, Fountain of love, Run Home Cues #2, Any way the wind blows, Run Home Cues #3, Charva, The dick kunc story, Wedding dress song, Handsome cabin boy, Cops and buns, The big squeeze, I'm a band leader, Alley cat, The grand wazoo, wonderful wino, kung fu, RDNZL, Basement Music, Inca Roads, Lil' Clanton Shuffle, I don't wanna get drafted, Sharleena